From calendar to…?

When I first came up with this idea for my Thesis, I originally wanted to come up with a way to visualize calendar data. Now, I want to do more.  I’ve been interested in the concept of lifestreaming for quite some time now as well as managing your personal information. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a graphical representation of when you were sick so you can see patterns?  For example, I always come down with a sinus infection every few months, but I’m not sure exactly when because I  don’t write it down.

My goal is to turn this calendar application to a personal diary/calendar/lifestreaming/personal information manager and using information visualization techniques and going beyond that.  Imagine my Capstone calendar demo + lifestreaming.

You are probably thinking I’m crazy and that it’s not possible.  Or who would use it. Well, this guy talked briefly about a calendar UI for lifestreaming.  Also, I am making this for me…cause I’m that kind of a person. 🙂

I will be posting some initial concept drawings soon.

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